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"I have been seeing Joanna for counselling sessions for some time and have found her to be sympathetic, helpful and professional. She has helped me  put events that happened in my past into perspective and given me coping strategies to deal with the present and the future.  Counselling can be quite a painful and emotional journey but Joanna has been with me every step of the way, her help has been invaluable".

Mrs K, Coalville.

I was introduced to Jo at a time when i was extremely low.  The work that we have done together has been a great support to me.  Thanks to Jo I have been able to face challenges in my life that woud have normally made me crumble under the pressure.  She has worked wonders on my self confidence and self-esteem.  She is so easy to talk to without fear of judgement or prejudice.

Mrs.C, Swadlincote

Joanna was very professional and helpful. She helped me put my life back on track to where I want it to be.

Mr A, Swadlincote. 20th September 2017


I have been seeing Jo for the last 4 weeks and I have lost 8lbs! The most I have ever lost in a month. I have embraced this new concept of weight loss and I have been to many slimming groups over the years and have never ever lost this much in a month! I eat what I want and use all your very helpful advice, it's all about what is in your mind and not in your mouth! I feel like a new person and it is all thanks to Jo.I recommend you to seek out her advice and see what progress you can reach with her.

G. Speight 21st Feb 2018

I can't recommend Jo highly enough. Having trained as a counsellor myself, I have experienced effective therapists & less helpful ones. Jo works very creatively, which I find particularly useful when trying to express my feelings because a) I don't always know how I feel & b) I just can't find the word - I'm a thinker, not a feeler!!! 
Jo's way of working is so different & so effective &what'
s more she's a lovely lady.

Miss R, Solihull 14th September 2017

 I've been seeing jo for 12 weeks. I'm now returning to Newcastle university a much stronger and happier version of myself. This has been my second time seeing a therapist and I don't think I could recommend Jo highly enough! She's been amazing and has really helped me. It can always be daunting going to therapy you don't know what you'll do, or talk about or how you'll feel but jo put me at such ease from the get go. I formed a real solid relationship with her and she is so understanding. she works very creatively and manages to delve deep into my emotions and got me to realise reasonings for my behaviour and really think deep about why I was feeling certain ways and helped me to piece things together and form links. I came away from each session feeling like a burden had been lifted and felt ready to move forward and improve. She is fabulous at her work! A truly amazing therapist!

Miss C, Swadlincote 21st September 2017


I just wanted to say a big thank you to you Jo, for all the help you have given me over the past few months. I'm so glad i finally picked up the courage to make that phone call, and make the decision to have counselling. I was straight away made to feel at ease on the phone, and very comfortable at the sessions, my life really had reached a point where, bereavement, anxiety and depression, had taken over my every day life, to the point where i felt as though i was mentally drowning with no way out. To be able to sit with you to talk openly, without judgment, work through my feelings, and have the time to express myself, really has made a world of difference. Sometimes life doesn't always go the way we would like it to, and I'm thankful that there are people like you in the world who care, and choose to do the job you do. I can truly say i now feel my head is safely above water, and i have the strength to gradually pull myself out, and start to enjoy my everyday life again 🙂 to anyone who is thinking of having counselling for any reason, life is really too short not to pick up the phone! 🙂 xxx
Mrs J, Swadlincote 9/12/17

Jo has done wonders for me. Through her counselling, I can now understand a lot of the reasons behind the emotions I struggle with. I still have problems but using the strategies and reasoning Jo has helped me find, I can deal with them much better and stay calmer. She is very understanding, nonjudgmental and made me see things in a different light. I cannot recommend her more.

Mr T, Swadlincote.  4th April 2018

Jo was amazing; we were concerned our 10 year old was struggling with his self-confidence and self-esteem. Jo’s approach immediately engaged our son (something normally only Xbox can do). He had a great time while learning and developing strategies on coping with certain situations. 

Our son is now enjoying life more, rather than worrying about it. Well done Jo.

Mr M 
(Barrister at law)

Making the decision to contact Jo was one of the best things I have ever done. At that time, I had been suffering with anxiety and depression for some years at varying levels. I remember the first chat that I had with Jo describing myself as emotional numb apart from the feeling of constant dread.

After having my daughter and the end of my once dream career, I didn’t know who I was. I had no spark. My anxiety levels were sky high and I had no confidence, no self belief and most of all I really despised myself.

Working with Jo has helped me more than I could ever express. I can now say that I feel happy and see the positives around me. I no longer have the feeling of dread constantly in my chest and I no longer hide myself away. It’s been a long and sometimes hard journey but well worth it.

Looking back now, I often ask myself why did I struggle for so long? Jo was kind, gentle and so supportive. She posed the questions and helped me to find the answer without making me feel judged, embarrassed or inferior. She has helped me to find my way to feeling happy. Thank you, Jo.
Mrs W, Tamworth 4th Oct 2018

I saw a leaflet for Jo (Freedom to be you ) and I knew that was exactly what I wanted to find. Feeling lost yet trapped in my life and guilty for not being thankful for it. I booked and went to see Jo and I felt instantly at ease. She is great and she has helped me in so many areas if my life. In only six sessions I have grown as a person. Learned how to communicate effectively when I don’t like something (previously keeping quiet and putting up with it). I’m now able to see ways to realise my dream and see the future as a new beginning and not an ending.  She has made me see that it’s okay to please me. 
Thank you Jo.

Mrs C, Ashby De La Zouch, May 2019

After spending many months in therapy, Jo made me realise that anything was possible. My life had become difficult and out of control and my main focus was trying to make everyone around me happy when I was feeling completely desperate.... crippled with anxiety & depression.
I was taught the importance of self care and how to look after myself, taking a nap or going for a walk , just something little that makes you feel better. Never underestimate these moments ... they are vital in recovery.
I feel truly blessed to have met Jo .... her empathy, compassion & caring approach made me become the person I am now, which is who I always was !! We laughed, we cried & really had a very special working relationship for which I will be eternally grateful. If she wasn't my therapist, then she would most definitely be my friend .... an amazing person who I was lucky enough to meet on my life journey so please don't feel alone. 
Therapy is life changing and things can change .... just taking that brave step will be the best thing ever.
Thank you Jo.
You are forever my Angel 😇 xx

Mrs F, Ashby-De-La-Zouch12th May 2018

Hello I'm a 20 year old student and I applied for counselling about 4 months ago and with 6 sessions under my belt I thought I’d share my review with you,
For anyone looking for long or short term 
counselling sessions, I would highly recommend with flexible sessions and a really good hourly price. I initially planned for 4 weeks of sessions but with the flexible times and bookings I changed to 6 weeks instead. So when I first started looking into getting counselling and researching all possible avenues in my area Jo really stood out for me and even though I emailed other options as well, I was hoping i'd end up with Joanna, and after our initial assessment I was sold! With a really friendly atmosphere with no pressure, with a welcome that always started with a smile every week I genuinely looked forward to each chat I had, just to talk to an unbiased party that would be there and just listen and it made all the difference, even if I just wanted to cry or just rant I just appreciated that you could go at your own pace whenever you needed or where feelings overwhelmed.
So thanks again so much Jo and keep being amazing! For these past few months with your help and patience, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you!
Miss F. from Bakewell Oct 2018

I would like to thank you very much for your gentle guidance through my counselling sessions. I felt rather lost and I likened how I felt to a messed up ball of wool. Your approach help me to find lots of these loose ends make some sense out of the disarray I felt about me to a more peaceful accepting place. I felt comfortable to one pack the heavy burdens which I felted lead to bad habits and had to help me back for a long time. I have come to a greater understanding of myself and have garnered new approaches to dealing with situations I find difficult. Overall I feel much better both in my head and my heart. I have also noted some physical symptoms I had (the reflex burn) has gone and I am enjoying a more healthy lifestyle. Thank you Jo, for taking the weight off my shoulders and showing me it’s a really good thing to just stand still and feel the warmth of the sun on my face for a while sometimes. You are a very special person and I really appreciate everything you did for me.

Mrs F, Leicester. May 2019

Before going starting therapy with Joanna I was in a very low place in my life, feeling lost, broken, sad and overall out of control of everything that was going on. Having two children under 2 I know I needed to get help, I was hesitant to start therapy as opening up to people is one of my struggles but from the first session with Joanna this was not a problem anymore. I instantly felt welcomed, safe and trusted that what I would say would stay within the four walls of the cosy room. Joanna has a gentle persona and listens to every word, but most importantly has an amazing understanding of every emotion I was going through, which gave me such a reassurance that I was going to get through this. The methods Joanna gave me to tackle certain aspects such as anxiety, low mood, confidence, self care and dark thoughts have truly given me my life back. After 6 months of therapy I wake up every morning feeling grateful and happy but most of all energised, motivated and driven. I have my zest back for life and I am truly thankful for this journey, thank you Joanna! 


Mrs N

July 2019

Ashby de la Zouch

Testimonial 1..jpg

 I went to Jo a little under a year ago, at the time I was struggling with anxiety, depression, low self esteem and even anger. My initial thought was am I ever going to feel any different but nearly a year on Jo has gave me the tools and support I needed to start changing my precession in life. I’m a lot more confident now and happy within myself, which has allowed me to focus on what matters and achieve a lot in what I’d say is in a short period of time. Making that first step to seek help is the best thing I ever did. 

Mr G, Tamworth

Jan 2020

I have worked with Jo for the last 3 years & although I have worked with previous therapists over a 19-year period, my journey with Jo has been by far the most effective. Jo is very skilled & works creatively with her clients. I came to her in my 40s emotionally numb & even when I did feel an emotion I could rarely identify it. Jo has helped me feel & identify what I am feeling. She also introduced me to the 12 Step programme of Overeaters Anonymous for which I will be forever grateful. I have battled with my weight for 40 years & at last I have found a sustainable way to let go of excess weight, to eat more healthily but more importantly to move away from Codependency & towards self-love. I gained so much more than I went into fellowship for. Jo finds a way to balance everything I need in a therapeutic relationship: safety, warmth, challenge, openness, honesty & most importantly I always felt really heard, & valued no matter what I shared. Jo is an incredible therapist & comes highly recommended!

Ms R, Solihull

August 2020

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