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Freedom To Be You Weight Management offers bespoke weight loss management from a qualified Psychotherapist.

Weight Plan - How it works.


Not everyone wants to follow a 'diet' for the rest of their life and why should you?



My experience as both a weight loss consultant and a therapist has given me invaluable knowledge to help facilitate you to be the slimmer and happier person you want to be. I firmly believe that we all know what is generally healthy or unhealthy food - I'm sure you have done enough diets to know the difference! This is why I promote mindfulness and utilise it into my practice - I do actually 'practice what I preach'. Some clients like a general plan to follow to start with and that is fine - I can offer help and guidance in respect of the nutritional aspects of healthy eating.  You can choose the plan you wish to follow - either the one I offer or another plan you are used to.  If you do not wish to follow a set plan that is fine too.  There are other ways to make a difference in how you look and feel.



The plan I have offers choices for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.  This is a restricted plan and is good for those who feel the benefit of an exact regime to follow or feel they need help in portion control.  However, my aim is to help you to get to understand your emotional attachments with food and that you eventually do not feel the need to follow a plan at all.



I can give you guidance as to useful online groups that can offer information and recipe ideas between sessions. However, the aim of coming to Freedom To Be You is to eventually understand your emotional aspects linked to food and practice good mindfulness to achieve and maintain your goal. As a therapist that works with addiction, I also work with the 12 step recovery program which is proven to be successful. Food addiction can feel completely overwhelming as you reach for food to self-soothe.  Because food is so readily available you can feel powerless. The 12 steps can help break down your addiction and work through each step at a time.  I am able to help you work through these at your own pace.



Bespoke one to one.



You book a 50-minute initial assessment.  This gives us the chance to talk about any significant self-sabotage actions that you may be aware of and if these are linked to anything from your past history.  We will also discuss how you want to move forward. Included in this first session you get a Journal/ Food diary book (not included in special offers) to keep track of your journey. If there are no unresolved significant life events that may hinder your progress, then we can do a Personal Eating Plan together for 7 days and I would recommend seeing you for 10 minutes each week for you to *weigh in and have a chat about the forthcoming week.  If there are some unresolved psychological issues I may recommend y contracting for 6 weeks of counselling and reviewing on week 5 to see where you are in terms of confidence about the ability to lose weight and maintain it.   Some may be ready to transfer to the weekly weigh in's whereas others may need longer to work on the present difficulties.  The choice, ultimately, will be yours.



Small Groups - Couples or groups of friends (no more than 8)



As above but each person would need to book an initial assessment.

You have 10 minutes weigh-in per person so for 2 people you would have 20 minutes together.



2.   For groups of 6 or more,  you have 1 hour to include weigh up and group therapy to get the support you need for the following week.






I understand that whilst a certain day or time may be good for you most weeks, there are times when it may not be. You can change your day/time the following week subject to availability.  This way you are more likely to keep on track.  If you are unable to attend at all then I need 48 hours notice otherwise the usual fee will be charged.



*Weigh in – to weigh on the scales, be measured or just ‘weigh up’ the week ahead.






Initial Assessment and any other subsequent counselling sessions £45 



The weekly fee for weigh in only - £6 for 10 minutes.




Jo has kept me going.  She is helpful and encouraging, especially when life has been difficult. She encourages me to do well and tells me I can achieve it. Love you Jo!


Jo is amazing - she has kept me going.  I would not be where I am today with my weight without Jo.


Jo is caring, helpful and always gives plenty of encouragement.


Jo is fantastic.  She is so inspirational.  She always praises and makes you feel better and is on hand for any setbacks.


Jo is really helpful and is always ready to spend time with you.  She takes a lot of time and trouble to help you follow the plan of your choice.


Jo is very supportive and easy to talk to.  You really feel she is on your side and helps you to achieve your weight loss goal.







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